Brewtus Roasting

Small Batch Specialty Coffee Roaster

Small Batch Specialty Coffee Micro Roaster

Brewtus Roasting is a Small Batch Specialty Coffee Micro Roaster.

Craft Roasted

What makes us different from everyone else? When you place your order, we roast your beans in small batches by hand. We package it immediately and ship it to you directly. This makes our coffee fresher than grocery store coffee- weeks, if not months, fresher. Expiration date? How about a roast date? Without a roast date you have no idea when your coffee was roasted.

Roast Philosophy

Most grocery store coffee and large chain coffees are purchased as a giant lot. That coffee is generically roasted in large quantities by a computer-controlled roaster following a programmed setting. Attention to detail at each step is impossible. As a result, the unique characteristics of coffee from different countries are masked.  Coffee X always tastes like Coffee X.

Coffee, like wine, have different characteristics based on where they come from. The soil, the altitude, the rainfall, the shade, and the sun all affect how coffee tastes. I think, given the opportunity, most people can taste and enjoy the subtle differences in coffee. It takes a lot of effort and many hands to produce a quality coffee. Our job is to enhance all the hard work that has already gone into the coffee before it arrived at our roastery. So, as you are enjoying your Ethiopian, you are tasting all the fruity and citrus notes. As you are savoring your Sumatran, you are getting all those chocolaty flavors and strong body.  As you sip your Central American, you pick up the bright, snappy, clean flavor and smoothness they are know for.

We are confident you will enjoy our great selections of freshly roasted, small batch coffee.