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Welcome to the Barkeater Coffee Roasters blog. In these pages you will find articles about us and our products, where we will be, and other coffee news.

What makes us different from everyone else? We roast your beans in small batches. We package it immediately and then ship it to you directly. This makes our coffee fresher than most grocery store coffees- weeks, if not months fresher. Expiration date? How about a roast date? Without a roast date you have no idea when your coffee was roasted.

We are confident you will enjoy our great selections of freshly roasted, small batch, specially roasted coffee.

We are hoping to be up and running within the next month. We will update these pages as we move along.

Blog Schedule

I will post as time allows right now, but I plan to post more frequently in the near future. Right now, we are concentrating on getting started.

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