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Barkeater Coffees Ethiopia Hambela Makes 2015’s Coffee Of The Year


What a great way to close out 2015! Our Ethiopia Hambela made Top Coffee for The Beaten Path Distributions Coffee of the Year list. Here at Barkeater, we know our coffees are special. We only choose the best coffees from around the world for our customers and we roast them fresh to order. Our attention to detail for every step of the process is what makes Barkeater Coffee taste so amazing, and we’re proud of that. So, you can imagine how excited we were to not only make the Top Coffees of 2015 list but come in at #1!

Beaten Path Distribution and Coffee

The Beaten Path Distribution (TBP) is a clothing and lifestyle label that specializes in vintage designs for a variety of clothing products, cool accessories, and COFFEE. That’s right, coffee!

Beaten Path’s journey to specialty coffee is familiar to those of us who are passionate about our heavenly brew. It all started with a 2013 cross-country road trip by TBP’s founder Charles Mertens. While on the trip he was visiting friends in LA, who introduced him to their favorite coffee spot, Intelligentsia. It was here that Charles got his first introduction to quality craft coffee, more specifically single origin coffee. Coffee would become an important part of Charles’ life and that passion would lead him to make coffee a part of The Beaten Path Distributors portfolio of products.

To kick things off, TBP introduced their top 3 favorite coffees of 2015. Barkeater is proud to be at number one, and to be associated with the quality brand TBP is known for.

What makes Ethiopia Hambela so special?

The history - This Ethiopian coffee is not only special because of its unique flavor profile, but also for the history of Ethiopia's Hambela Coffee Estate where it is grown. The Hambela Estate was a gift from the Ethiopian Emperor to Mulumebet Emiru, Africa’s first female pilot. Mulumebet’s passion for flying helped break the stereotypes for women in Ethiopian society and inspired future generations of Ethiopian aviation. Sadly, her flying career was cut short by the 1936 Italian invasion of Ethiopia. Mulumebet married, and the family turned their attention to cultivating the rich farmland of the estate. Wild coffee trees were transformed into a private coffee farm and forever linked Mulumebet’s story with Ethiopia Hambela coffee.

Today, the Hambela Coffee Estate is still operated by Mulumebet’s grandchildren under the METAD Agricultural Development PLC. METAD continues to break down social barriers with their employment and education opportunities that are strengthening their local community. When it comes to their coffee, they specialize in a “seed to cup” business philosophy, which ensures that only the finest Ethiopian coffees make the grade.

The process - Ethiopia Hambela is a naturally processed coffee, which means as soon as the coffee cherries are picked, they are placed on raised screens and dried whole, in the sun. When the cherries dry to the point of becoming a dark brown pod, the seed is removed and the coffee's ready for roasting. This natural method produces an amazing full body coffee experience and captures the fruity notes that make it so famous.

Thanks again to The Beaten Path Distributors for shining a spotlight on such a wonderful coffee like Ethiopia Hambela.