Mountain Water Process Decaf

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100% Chemical Free Mountain Water Process!

An excellently balanced coffee, buttery with notes of cocoa - roasted medium. Now with fewer heart palpitations!

Zero Chemicals. Ever!

Some companies claim a so-called “natural” decaffeination process but still leave behind residual chemical contamination. These companies use chemicals like methylene chloride in an “organic” water process or ethyl acetate, a.k.a. “sugar cane” or “natural process,” which causes unnatural fruity flavors.

The Mountain Water Process uses no added chemicals. Ever. We use water, temperature, and time to gently remove caffeine, leaving behind all the flavors and nuance of the original coffee. That’s because we are a coffee company first. We’re focused on great-tasting decaf, not extracting caffeine for resale, like many other processors.

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