Zambia Anaerobic Natural


Brewtus Roasting is once again teaming up with the Coffee Hunter Project to bring this Zambian anaerobic fermentation coffee. We are once again paying far better than even Fair Trade prices. The coffee comes from the NCCL Estate, located in the Kasama region of Zambia. With farms on elevations between 1300 and 1600 MASL, this region is ideal for high-quality coffee. Along with efforts to continuously improve quality, NCCL is dedicated to the future of coffee growing in the area through a wide variety of social and economic initiatives. The coffee is all Heirloom Typica varietal. The coffee cherries are double picked,  then processed for 24 hours in closed steel tank fermentation, and sun-dried on raised beds.

It is lightly roasted to preserve the notes of dried fruit, figs, cranberries, and a slight sweet acidity. 

This Estate has been known in their area for Building New Schools, providing housing for migrant workers, paying a higher premium to growers, funding local medication dispensaries, and promoting gender equality and specialized training. 

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