Bolivia Apolo

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Brewtus Roasting paired up again with coffee importer Cafe Kreyol to bring you this excellent coffee from Bolivia Apolo. 

Apolo is an indigenous region of Northern Bolivia that had only commercially grown or exported coffee once they began working with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Cafe Kreyol to create a model of ecological preservation and economically sustainable income. Cafe Kreyol works directly with five indigenous communities of Apolo that speak a form of Quechua that predates the Incas. A sizeable indigenous community of 35 families, this group was looking for a solution to the coca plant taking all the nutrients out of their soil and rendering it more and more impossible to grow other crops. The land had harder clay soil from producing so much coca, yet in the past five years, they have already seen a significant amount of regeneration. One of the communities, Trinidad, is also known as the “cocaine for coffee” project. The producers of the Trinidad community, about 85% female, have transitioned from producing coca to coffee.

The coffee from this region, have a very defined orange acidity, chocolatey flavor, and sweet aroma, is quickly taking its place as one of the top coffees of Bolivia.