El Salvador Direct Trade Wine Yeast Fermented

This exciting coffee comes from the Pacas family in El Salvador. It is honey processed with an experimental wine yeast fermentation to help even out the fermentation process. The results are lovely and offer a cup low in acidity with a nutty taste and a subdued fruity sweetness in the cup. It is roasted light to medium.

CAFÉ PACAS is a family company dedicated to growing, processing, and exporting specialty coffee throughout the world. The Pacas family has been cultivating coffee for five generations. The great grandfather, Don Jose Rosa Pacas, decided to purchase some top quality land in the Volcan de Santa Ana, and that is where it all began. His son, Alberto Pacas Figueroa, was responsible for the discovery of the PACAS cultivar. Since the development occurred on his farm in San Rafael, it is named in his honor. Now, this cultivar is very popular in El Salvador and Central America. The grandfather, Alfredo Pacas Trujillo, expanded the coffee lands that were cultivated by the family and worked in improving their yields and production.

Alfredo Pacas decided to start his own processing company in 1991; Since the beginning, his most significant focus was quality. He started investigating new harvesting and processing methods that would enhance the quality of the product. The results were coffees that were outstanding in the cup and appreciated by international buyers.

As a new generation, they entered the business 13 years ago. They are fascinated with the world of coffee, and for that reason, they decided to increase production in existing farms and purchase new ones in top-quality land. As a result, they now process coffee from 19 different farms. They believe that quality happens at the farm level, so they take great care of the coffee trees, making sure they are healthy, properly fertilized, and have enough shade. We are very focused on preserving the traceability of each farm.

In the processing side of the business, they are always experimenting and improving. The Pacas family has invested in new patios, raised beds, a quality control lab, training for our staff, better pulpers, warehouses, etc. to be able to offer the best quality possible.

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