Peru Fair Trade


Donã Elsa Zambora purchased her farm in 2006 and has been producing high-quality specialty coffee since then. Her farm produces lettuce, onions, bananas, and limes in addition to coffee. Donã Elsa has incorporated an extended drying process in addition to fermenting several coffee varietals at once to achieve the final result she’s looking for. Donã Elsa has been a member of COOPAFSI for 6 years and plans to continue producing high-quality specialty coffee. After drying, the coffee is sent to COOPAFSI for dry milling and preparation for export. COOPAFSI was established in 1969 to promote gender equality in coffee production and focused heavily on improving coffee quality and its members' livelihoods.

The coffee is light roasted and has wonderful notes of tangerine and honey. It is well balanced with a nice balance of sweetness and subtle acidity. 

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