Want to brew coffee like a Brewtus Barista?

Use a scale

Use an accurate scale every time. Get yourself a digital scale and an excellent measuring tool for water. A great cup of coffee does happen out of love or eye measurements based on “experience.” Delicious coffee is a result of precision and discipline.

Use fresh coffee and a grinder

Use freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee of good quality such as Brewtus Roasting. Make sure you know when the coffee was roasted by asking. Typically, coffee is at its best within a month of roasting. Invest in a good coffee grinder, such as a Baratza, (not the cheap blade grinders).  Coffee begins to oxidize quickly after it is ground.

Use the right amount of coffee

Use correct coffee to water ratios. This will vary from coffee to coffee and from brewing device to brewing device. Look in our specific brewing guides for details in the future. I would start with a 16-18:1 ratio of water to coffee.

Use the proper grind size

Use correct grind size. This will vary from coffee to coffee and from brewing device to brewing device. Flat bottom filters, Chemex, and French Press will all be courser, while cone filter, and AeroPress will be finer. 

Use Proper Brew Time

Use correct steeping time. It is very easy to over-extract or under-extract coffee. The right brew time is crucial for a balanced brew. The brew time will, of course, vary from one minute on an Aeropress to six minutes using French Press and is related to how fine or coarse you grind the coffee. Use a stopwatch to make sure steeping time is correct.

Use good tasting water

Use good quality water.  You may or may not be blessed with excellent tap water, but if you notice any off-taste in your tap water (like chlorine) use filtered water.

Clean your coffee gear often

Clean your brewing equipment after every brew. Coffee tastes dirty and bitter when made on dirty coffee equipment.

Try new things

Stay open-minded and try new methods. Remember; taste is what matters. I hope you find this guide useful.

Written by Stephen Pivonka

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