Who we are

Meet Stephen, owner & roaster at Brewtus Roasting.  

Brewtus Roasting is a small batch specialty coffee roaster located in Delmar, NY. When you place your order, we roast your beans in small batches by hand, then package it immediately and ship directly to you.

Our in-house coffee is roasted 1-2x per week.

Roast Philosophy

Coffee, like wine, has different characteristics based on soil, the country of origin, altitude, rainfall, shade, and sun. Every individual aspect affects how coffee tastes.

It takes much effort and many hands to produce quality coffee. Our job is to enhance all the hard work that had already gone into the coffee before it arrived at our roastery.


As a roaster, Brewtus Roasting can help make a difference in coffee.  Although we are a small company, we are doing what we can do pitch in. 


We work with many different farms, from Direct Trade, Fair Trade, large and small cooperatives. Trying to ensure farmers are paid fairly and doing what we can to help them grow more sustainably. 

Roastery and Tasting Room

In our roastery and tasting room, we make a point to reduce our carbon footprint. We compost all our spent coffee grounds, filters and coffee chaff from the roasting process, and also share them with our customers.

We also reuse the burlap sacks the green coffee is shipped in again in our personal garden, and give them away to customers -- including beekeepers for use in their beehives! We use bamboo stirrers instead of plastic, and our cups and lids are fully compostable.

We want everyone to enjoy our coffee knowing that the environment is important to us and that his or her consumption choices matter to us.