• What You Need to Brew Great French Press Coffee

      You will need a french press and some Brewtus Roasting Coffee of your Choice! Pre-heat your French press, by pouring hot water into it. A good starting point is a 15:1 water: coffee ratio or 66 – 70 grams per 1 liter of water. The dose will vary according to your taste and the coffee used. Use your digital scale to measure your coffee and then grind it immediately before use. We recommend slightly coarser than filter coffee. Place the french press containing the ground coffee on your scale. Tare the scale, so it reads zero and pour in 1000...

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  • Why Does My Coffee Cost So Much?

    This is a question you may have asked at some time - especially if your favorite specialty coffee shop just raised its prices again.  I hope by the end of this article you will instead say, "Ah, that is why my coffee is worth so much".   It is often hard for us as consumers to understand why coffee companies continue to raise prices even though we understand inflation, wage increases, and the volatility of prices of the ingredients.  We have come to expect a relatively cheap cup of coffee - free refills, Venti, and Dunkin' Donuts.  While there may be...

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  • The state of the coffee supply chain

    This is a guest post written by Tyler Heal from Coffee Grind Guru Like various states of the union and similar political addresses from politicians the world over, there is a substantial percentage of the demographic that may be left wondering, “Who cares?” Or, “So what? How does that impact me?” And so it goes with the state of the coffee supply chain. Many folks may frequent their favorite large chain retail store to grab the cheapest bag of coffee on offer while others may make it a particular point to buy the most exclusive single-origin and micro-lot whole bean...

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