Colombia Direct Trade Decaf

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Dive into the Tolima thrill with this specialty coffee! It's a red fruit extravaganza wrapped in a medium-bodied masterpiece, deep in sweetness with a hint of spice. This cup is the flavor adventure you didn't know you needed. Meet our flagship decaf coffee, roasted to perfection! We've mastered the art of marrying tradition with a dash of modern flair, infusing those fruity vibes you crave into every sip. 

Brewtus Roasting has again teamed up with our direct trade partners in Tolima, Colombia, and El Vergel. Martha and her two coffee-savvy sons, Elias and Shady, jumped headfirst into experimental coffee. Their mission? To cook up some tech magic that elevates the coffee game and brings a sprinkle of better life quality to the families working alongside them at El Vergel Estate. Together, they're not just growing coffee but brewing a community revolution! Here's where the magic happens – they dive into the extraction game using circular containers, whipping up a potion of water and ethyl acetate. It's like a coffee spa day, where the beans take a luxurious dip until the caffeine level drops to a mere 0.1%. Talk about precision in every plunge!