Thank you for being so interested in serving Brewtus coffee! In addition to offering amazing coffee and service, Brewtus Roasting supports every hand involved in making each cup an authentic, quality experience. As a Brewtus Roasting Wholesale Partner, you will have the opportunity to experience and share some of the best Direct Trade coffee in the world.

Choose from many Direct Trade, Fair Trade, and sustainably sourced coffees roasted to order.

What We Offer

Specialty Coffee

Choose from many Direct Trade, Fair Trade, and sustainably sourced coffees roasted to order.

Cafe Equipment

Brewtus Roasting works with many manufacturers. We are here to help you in choosing the proper equipment for your cafe.

Cold Brew

Brewtus Roasting make some of the best cold brew in the business. Available in 20L kegs. Cold brew is one of the largest trends in coffee and a must have for your cafe. We have many solutions for every business. 

Your Success Team

When you grow, we growOur team is here to help you grow your business. From branding and marketing professionals to barista training, we are here to support your business needs. Have you ever thought of having a private-label coffee program? We do that too! Many of our customers are thriving, with their brand being the star.

Your Custom Program

Your business is unique, different, and unforgettable, so why stay within the box of your coffee roaster? Brewtus Roasting can help you create a custom coffee program to fit your business needs!

Ease of Business

Easy online ordering portal. Coffee is roasted fresh for you after receiving your order. Whether you are in our local delivery area or across the country, we will deliver your coffee and products within a week of ordering. It’s simple, streamlined, and reliable.

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