Colombia Single Origin Espresso

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In 2022 Brewtus Roasting is excited to continue our commitment to sustainably sourced coffee.

This year we are partnering up with Forest Coffee in Tolima, Colombia. We are continuing our commitment to sustainable coffee and keep working with them. 

We hoping to continue working like this in the coming years so coffee farmers can keep doing what they love.  It's not easy for a small company like ours, but it's important and important for you to know. 

Brewtus Roasting has spent a lot of time on this special LIMITED EDITION ESPRESSO balancing the fruity notes and bringing out more sweetness and development in the coffee. The hard work paid off with notes of molasses, chocolate, and tangerine. This coffee is roasted medium and tastes great as filter coffee or even a nice pour-over or french press. You won't be disappointed.