Breville The Bambino - Brushed Stainless Steel

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Serious espresso. Serious value.

The faster way to professional results at home. Like professional machines, the Bambino can deliver third-wave specialty coffee. This is made possible by the 4 keys formula. Delivering barista quality performance using a 54mm portafilter with 18 grams of coffee for full flavor and a powerful steam wand to create the microfoam required for latte art. With a proprietary ThermoJet heating system, the machine is ready to start in 3 seconds. Additionally, see the Bambino® Plus if you prefer the features of the Bambino but would like the inclusion of an automatic steam wand.

Experience third-wave specialty coffee at home, made possible by the 4 key formula

Our espresso machines are designed to use the correct dose of freshly ground beans, ensure precise temperature control and optimal water pressure, and create actual microfoam milk essential for latte art. You're only a touch away from getting the four-key formula used by professional cafe machines.

ThermoJet® heating system

The innovative ThermoJet® heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds. Ready to make your best coffee without the wait? Uses up to 32% less energy annually compared to a Thermoblock heating system. *Disclaimer: Based on internal benchmark testing as of November 2022.

54 mm portafilter delivers full flavor with dual and single wall filters

Full bodied coffee with rich and complex flavors is created using the ideal dose of 18g of freshly ground beans delivered by a professional style 54mm portafilter.

Low pressure pre-infusion followed by 9 bar extraction

An opulent, creamy and caramel colored espresso starts with low pressure pre-infusions, followed by a high pressure (9 bar) extraction process delivered via our 15 bar Italian pump.

Manual hand-crafted microfoam

Our powerful steam wands are designed to quickly turn milk into smooth microfoam with a delicious silky texture, ready for pouring latte art.

Simple interface with volumetric shot control

Convenient one-touch 1 & 2 shot volumetric control, steam and hot water.

Compact footprint for all countertops

Big in performance, yet small in size the Bambino will feel at home in any kitchen.