Colombia Pink Bourbon

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Once upon a time in the lush hills of Huila, Colombia, there was a special coffee variety known as Pink Bourbon. Legend has it that this unique bean, with its distinctive pink hue, was born from a fortuitous cross between the Red and Yellow Bourbon varieties. Blessed with rich volcanic soil and a perfect altitude, Huila proved to be the ideal playground for this vibrant coffee to thrive. The Pink Bourbon quickly captured the hearts of local farmers with its exceptional cup profile, boasting flavors of sweet caramel, delicate florals, and a hint of tropical fruitiness. Its ability to withstand the region's diverse microclimates and adapt to varying altitudes made it a darling among growers in Huila, who lovingly tended to their coffee plants, nurturing them with care and dedication. Today, the Pink Bourbon continues to flourish in Huila, a testament to the harmonious marriage between nature's gifts and the labor of passionate coffee cultivators.
We are excited to bring you this LIMITED EDITION Pink Borbon Creation this month. Forest Coffee, our direct trade partner, leads the way in Colombia's experimental fermentations. For this batch, they used a 24-hour Pre-Fermentation in cherry, a 36-hour fermentation in mucilage, and sun-dried in raised beds for 15 days. This coffee has terrific notes of green apple, honey, and berries.