Sourdough Bread

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Our mouth-watering Sourdough Bread is a delicious blend of stone-ground organic New York State Flour, carefully sourced from Farmer Ground Flour. This 85% extraction flour is sifted to remove a large portion of the bran. Removing some of the bran improves the flour's baking characteristics. It retains the wheat germ, resulting in great flavor and nutrition. Compared with most white flour's 'bleached white' look, our high-extraction flour has a creamy tan appearance. 

What does 85% extraction mean? It’s the percentage of flour yielded from the grain milled after sifting. For example, 100 lbs of grain is milled, and the whole grain flour passes through a sifter that removes the large pieces of bran (15 lbs), leaving the sifted flour (85 lbs). 

The dough is made and baked fresh from scratch by Brewtus in our bread Lab. Made with all-natural ingredients of just flour, water, and salt, each bite will transport you to a world of flavor and satisfaction.

Breads will be baked on Fridays and available by mid-morning. You will receive an email or SMS Message when the order is ready. 

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